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    The good news is: our bumper sets are replicas of the originals - so the shape, fit, and dimensions are absolutely accurate and look spot on!!! Plus they are far more affordable - they are even BETTER THAN ORIGINAL! They are made from high grade stainless steel - polished to a mirror finish, JUST like CHROME.

    1. Our bumpers never rust and are backed with a lifetime anti corrosion warranty.
    2. If the bumpers get dented or scratched they can be beaten back to shape and re-polished.
    3. Our bumpers are made in very high grade (304/ 1.4301) stainless steel. (Around 1/5 of the steel is pure CHROME!!!).
    4. Painted back - The back of the bumpers are acid etch primed and painted with ICI two pack paint.
    5. Our bumpers are finished to a high mirror polish, just like chrome.

    We also produce stainless steel bumpers for more kind of classic car. You can take a tour to our website at below of this one to know more about us.

    We are a British company based in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Since 2003 we have been producing a wide range of parts for classic cars in many different materials. We specialize in Stainless Steel Bumpers and produce more than 200 type of bumpers and we always expand our range.
    We produce all our bumpers in house and invest heavily in tooling to maintain highest standards. We produce for a wide range of classic cars everything from Ford and Volkswagen up to and including Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Porsche, as well as some of the rare cars such as AC 428, Gordon keeble, Gilbern and TVR.
    We supply to specialists and Owners Clubs around the world including the Gordon Keeble Owners Club, Ford Cortina Owners Club, Gilbern Owners Club and Heinkel Owners Club and Goggomobil Ltd.
    We are always open to suggestion as to what other parts to reproduce. If you have any ideas - please get in touch!
    Aside from producing classic car parts, we are also serious classic car enthusiasts.
    We restore Classic cars, scooters & motorbikes, we drive Classic cars as our everyday vehicles & we also hand produce fully working, half sized classic cars for children.
    Surely the best way to encourage the next generation to share our passion!

    Our worldwide delivery time is approximately 2-4 weeks. For some bumpers, it even takes as little as 4 days. We ship by airfreight via DHL directly to your door, VAT and Duty paid by us.

    We accept:
    - Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa Card.
    - Debit cards: Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro and Solo.
    - Paypal.
    - Bank transfer.
    - For UK residents, we also accept personal Cheque, Bank draft & Cash deposit.

    Sales Team
    Harrington Group
    Tel: +44 121 288 1250
    Fax: +44 122 543 0271

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    Name: Group Harrington
    Gründung: 01.01.2003

    Land: United Kingdom
    Sprachen: English, German


    • Typ1 – «Käfer» <1958
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» 1958 – 67
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» >1967
    • Typ14 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Typ2 T1 – «Bulli» 1949 – 67
    • Typ2 T2 – «Bay Window» 1968 – 79
    • Typ34 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Porsche - «356, 911, 912, 914»
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    Strasse, Nr.: Bath
    Postleitzahl, Ort: BA2 4QG Somerest
    Telefon: 441212881250

    Muttersprache: English
    Weiter Sprachen: English

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    Name: Harrington Group
    Ort: Somerest, United Kingdom
    Mitglied seit: 21.09.2012

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