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  • Blog: Stainless Steel Bumper For Class

    We are manufacture exporter and finding the importer for STAINLESS STEEL BUMPERS for CLASSIC CARS, OLDTIMER CARS, such as MERCEDES, VOLVO, VOLSKWAGEN, TRIUMPH, HEINKEL, BMW, FORD, ... in over the World!!!

    To get the best pricelist of our Bumpers, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Jessi via e-mail ptt-jessi@sgbumperscar.com from PTT Co., LTD now!!!

    SGBUMPERSCAR where you can buy or renew your bumpers in STAINLESS STEEL with THE BEST QUALITY!

    With the chrome bumpers, you always worry about the rusty on the bumpers?? The rusty make the bumpers ugly and you often have to replace it. With our Stainless Steel Bumpers, you can forget it. As our bumpers are made from stainless steel 304, thickness 1.5 - 2cm so they will never get rusty on surface => long lasting => Economy.

    The most important is that our Bumpers are 100% duplicated from original sample bumpers for fitting, shape, dimension etc… If you put our bumpers side by side with the original bumpers, you hardly find out the different between them => Exactly of our Bumpers.

    Beside The back side was protected by 03 paint coats to protect bumpers from chemicals and bad weather elements => More Beautiful and Wonderful

    Especially, we also produce follow the Customers’ order for any bumpers.

    For more details of our bumpers, do not wait any minute, hurry to contact Jessi via mail ptt-jessi@sgbumperscar.com now!

    I am horned to serve Customer around the world!

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    Name: Stainless Steel Bumper For Class
    Gründung: 01.01.2000

    Land: United Kingdom
    Sprachen: English


    • Typ1 – «Käfer» <1958
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» 1958 – 67
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» >1967
    • Typ14 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Typ147 – «Fridolin»
    • Typ181 – «Kübelwagen»
    • Typ2 T1 – «Bulli» 1949 – 67
    • Typ2 T2 – «Bay Window» 1968 – 79
    • Typ2 T3 – «luftgekühlt» 1979 – 82
    • Typ2 T3 – «wassergekühlt» >1982
    • Typ3 – «Fliessheck, Stufenheck, Variant»
    • Typ34 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Typ4 – «411, 412»
    • Golf 1, 2 und 3
    • Porsche - «356, 911, 912, 914»
    • Anhänger / Wohnwagen
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