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  • Firma: Back to '89

    Back to 89

    Back to '89 is a celebration of the New Wave Cal Look scene that exploded in the 80s.

    A movement bringing back the show cars of the era into their own Back to 89 displays.

    From Santa Pod to Chimay we have been successful over the past 20 years of the Back to '89 displays.

    We have merchandise and have been featured in magazines, TV, Radio and all over Social Media.

    We have over 3k of members on the Facebook group called 'Back to 89 Volkswagens'.

    Please come and find us on there and join up and if you own a car that was well known back in the day over Europe (Magazine featured or Trophy Winner) get in touch.

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    Back to 89 Volkswagens

    Name: Back to '89
    Gründung: 01.01.2001

    Land: United Kingdom
    Sprachen: English


    • Typ1 – «Käfer» <1958
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» 1958 – 67
    • Typ1 – «Käfer» >1967
    • Typ14 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Typ147 – «Fridolin»
    • Typ181 – «Kübelwagen»
    • Typ2 T1 – «Bulli» 1949 – 67
    • Typ2 T2 – «Bay Window» 1968 – 79
    • Typ3 – «Fliessheck, Stufenheck, Variant»
    • Typ34 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Typ4 – «411, 412»
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