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  • For sale - Split glovebox clocks, EUR 1500eur

    For sale - Split glovebox clocks, EUR 1500eurFor sale - Split glovebox clocks, EUR 1500eurFor sale - Split glovebox clocks, EUR 1500eur

    what i have here for sale is a bundle of 2 split glovebox clocks.

    1 in perfect working condition with original dial. some minor flaws on dial but still nice.
    1 as a project with a paper dial (original one under it unreadable, raised light dots still visible) with some missing parts and incorrect bezel.

    cups for 60mm hole (perohaus glovebox lid) and for 52mm.

    they are both identical twins, so parts can be copied from one to the other in case you find a clocksmith so well prepared to try and fix the second one as well. nowadays the CNC machine could be your best friend, the gears or some of the missing parts could be made easy. or, just keep it as is on display.

    if it's listed then it's still available. once sold then gone.

    Thank you

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    For sale: Split glovebox clocks
    Price: EUR 1500eur
    Year: 1952

    Ad placed on: 28.05.2020
    Ad updated on: 28.05.2020
    Ad hits: 506

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    Name: Mihai Apostol
    City: Ploiesti, Romania
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