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  • For sale - Jeg VW Jeep

    For sale - Jeg VW JeepFor sale - Jeg VW JeepFor sale - Jeg VW Jeep

    Did you ever hear about a JEG? We did not.
    In the 70s, VW Brasil tried to join the Brazilian army with the VW VEMP. Two prototypes were created (one 4X4 and one 4X2), the car was created entirely in straight and simple lines for easier maintenance.
    The engine would be 1600 already used by cars of other VW models. After the project was rejected for political reasons (cars with a rear engine would no longer be accepted by the army) the two prototypes ended up being used internally by the factory.
    JEG emerged when VW presented and asked for help for the vehicle transport truck company Dacunha in Brasil. With the project’s cancellation, they took over and created the civilian Jeep.
    The vehicle was introduced to the public in 1976, and launched in 1977. The vehicle was made in a Kombi chassis with a 40 cm smaller wheelbase, galvanized sheet metal body, boxer engine, Kombi suspension and brakes and a 55-liter tank plus 20 liter gallon.

    In 1981, JEG ended its manufacture, having manufactured two different versions and a total of approximately 600 units.
    The JEG in this auction is from the first model series, 1979, number 303. It has a 1500 engine with new parts such as: alternator, fuel pump, distributor and carburetor.
    Here you see the Car in a Video from the Owner. It is in Portuguese. Even if you don´t understand it, you get a good understanding of the Car.

    Original Mangels spoke wheels in 14 “, width 7” are mounted with city-country tires.
    During the restoration, the gearbox was completely redone, as well as the lever system.
    The handbrake has the “seletraction” system adopted from the VW Gurgel models. The brakes have been overhauled and are in good condition.
    The electrical system has also been overhauled and is working properly.
    The fuel line and tank were replaced with new ones.
    The bodywork was overhauled and restored and painted by the previous owner, as well as its tapestry and hood. It is in good condition as you can see on the pictures.
    It has most of the original items making it even rarer as most have been destroyed or mischaracterized over the years. This is your chance to own a ultra rare Car with VW livery.
    The auction price includes shipping to Germany or Europe

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    For sale: Jeg VW Jeep
    Price: EUR
    Year: 1979

    Ad placed on: 07.04.2021
    Ad updated on: 07.04.2021
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