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  • Wanted - VW T1 Splitbus

    Wanted - VW T1 SplitbusWanted - VW T1 SplitbusWanted - VW T1 SplitbusWanted - VW T1 Splitbus

    I‘m looking for a T1 with the following specs:

    - best would be 11-windowsbus
    - og paint/ patina
    - best would be before61
    - no brazilian
    - can be slammed, bigger engine etc..

    I‘m looking forward to your offers!

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    Wanted: VW T1 Splitbus
    Price: EUR

    Ad placed on: 25.11.2021
    Ad updated on: 25.11.2021
    Ad hits: 3226

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    Name: Nico A
    City: Cologne, Germany
    Member since: 01.04.2021

    Languages: German |
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