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  • Facebook Group: VW Bus Blogger

    A network of people with blogs about their VW Buses.
    No matter if you have an old bus or a very new one (T1 to T6). Even people who are just interested in finding new blogs to follow are welcome.

    Introduce your website/ fan page or even your instagram account. Show us your bus, your travels - exchange experiences and help each other grow and gain fains!

    Feel free to join and invite your friends who are interested in vanlife and vw bus blogs! :)

    Link information


    Name: VW Bus Blogger

    Country: Germany
    Languages: English


    • Type2 T1 – «Split» 1949 – 67
    • Type2 T2 – «Bay Window» 1968 – 79
    • Type2 T25/T3 – «air cooled» 1979 – 82
    • Type2 T25/T3 – «water cooled» >1982

    Contact information

    Name: Bulli Splitner
    Street, no: Volksgarten 67
    ZIP code, City: 1010 Wien

    First language: German
    Additional languages: English

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    Name: Alex G.
    City: Wien, Austria
    Member since: 11.12.2014

    Languages: German | en


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