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  • 15. - 17.06.2018: Let it Shine! Palanga 2018 (Meeting)

    I am very proud to announce this historical event where VeeDubs and classic Porsches will meet each other at the Lithuanian seaside in the town of Palanga. We will rock the city and make a historical comeback after more than 10 years.
    All classic VeeDubs and Porsches are welcome!

    Event information

    Let it Shine! Palanga 2018
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water cooled: Air & water cooled
    From: 15.06.2018 To: 17.06.2018
    City: Palanga, Lithuania
    Admission: EUR 20 and 40


    Ad updated on: 22.05.2018
    Ad hits: 608


    LVK and Porsche Classic clubs

    Contact: Sergio
    Street, no: Vytauto street 43
    City: Palanga, Lithuania
    Contact Sergio

    published by: Let it Shine

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