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  • 05.07.2020: Aircooled Show & Shine (Meeting)

    Sunday Show & Shine

    New for 2020 we are holding a Sunday Aircooled Show and Shine open to people who haven't camped, arrival from 9am on Sunday morning. We will see if we can get some impartial or visitor judging going on, but it is more about making friends old and new and getting together with like minded people.

    Event information

    Aircooled Show & Shine
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water cooled: Air cooled only
    date: 05.07.2020
    City: Warmington, Banbury, England, United Kingdom
    Admission: GBP 5


    Ad updated on: 13.11.2019
    Ad hits: 386


    Aircooled Events Limited

    Contact: Graham Lyall
    Street, no: Unit 16
    City: Redditch, United Kingdom
    Phone: 07748908905
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