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  • 17. - 19.04.2020: Vintage at Zandvoort (Meeting)

    Volkswagen event in the dunes of Zandvoort, near the sea. cosy, relaxed and nice weekend with vw enthusiastic friends

    Event information

    Vintage at Zandvoort
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water cooled: Air & water cooled
    From: 17.04.2020 To: 19.04.2020
    City: Zandvoort, Netherlands
    Admission: EUR


    Ad updated on: 11.11.2019
    Ad hits: 1144


    Michel Faas

    Contact: Michel Faas
    Street, no: M van St. Aldegondestraat 9
    City: Zandvoort, Netherlands
    Phone: 0621852202
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    published by: Michel Faas


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