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  • 17.12.2023: BEETLE BATTLE IV (Others)

    Beetle Battle IV presented by Volkswagen Beetle Club

    The Beetle Battle IV Jakarta event on December 17 2023 is an elimination event for the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle competition, or commonly known in the community as the VW Kodok. Beetle Battle IV is planned to be held as a Road Show series in 4 big cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and Bali, where in each series in these four big cities there will be an elimination round. We plan to carry out this road show in 2024 with a Big Final Event in Jakarta at the end of 2024. We have prepared 8 selection categories, each winner in these 8 categories will get a Golden Ticket which can enter the Final Beetle Battle. And what is interesting is Best People Choice, this category will be chosen directly by VW automotive figures who we invited from Indonesia and also from abroad.
    Regarding the concept of the Beetle Battle IV event, we took the concept from the sport of boxing where each contest participant during the assessment by the jury will enter the boxing ring that we have prepared on the main stage.
    And the assessment by the jury will be a live judgment.
    We have selected 5 (five) of the best judges in the automotive field from VW custom builders to automotive experts in the VW world.
    Located in Senayan Park (SPARK) which is in the middle of downtown Jakarta. And also for visitors who attend, we have prepared entertainment in the form of music and a bazaar which provides food & drinks as well as other products.
    This entire event will be packaged in the form of Fully Entertainment so that it can be enjoyed by visitors who come with their families and other visitors who come from VW brand enthusiasts, VW & Non-VW owners and communities who we have invited to participate. With the advantage of the location and the automotive competition event being held in the center of Jakarta, we are targeting more than 1000 visitors at this event.

    Let’s come & Join us!

    Registration & Information
    WA & Phone 081382223390

    Event information

    Event type: Others
    Air / water cooled: Air cooled only
    From: 17.12.2023 To: 17.12.2023
    City: Senayan Park, Indonesia
    Admission: USD 23


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    Volkswagen Beetle Club

    Contact: 081382223390
    Street, no: Jl. Cemara No.1
    City: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Phone: 081382223390
    Contact 081382223390

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