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  • 14.04.2012: 21. VW Aircooled Meeting (Meeting)

    The flyerThe meeting in 2009The meeting in 2009Program in EnglishProgram in Deutsch

    The schedule:

    08:00 Start
    10:00 Opening ceremony
    10:05 Start of the races
    14:00 Award ceremony
    16:30 End

    Some programs:
    -Swap meet
    -New Beetle 2012 show
    -Slalom race
    -Show and Shine

    In 2011 there were 632 registered aircooled vw vehicles!!!!!!!!

    Event information

    21. VW Aircooled Meeting
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water colled: Air cooled only
    date: 14.04.2012
    City: Budapest, Hungary
    Admission: EUR


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    Contact: MBK
    Street, no: Olof Palme 5
    City: Budapest, Hungary
    Contact MBK

    published by: Peter Simor


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