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  • 05. - 07.06.2020: 37. Big Bug Run Fun 2020 (Meeting)

    Bug Run 37th edition - biggest meeting in Scandinavia for air & watercooled VW's!Cruising Saturday evening at the racetrack at Mantorp ParkVery old and extremely rare T2 – many VW's out of the ordinary in placeWelcome to Bug Run in Sweden June 5-6 2020!The jury decides on Top Ten cars.Both air cooled and water cooled VW's are welcome.The free dyno test is popular, with record breaking effects from finnish participants.All types and styles of older and newer VW's are welcome.Historic Formula Vee race at Bug Run.Dragracing is one of the corner stones at the Bug Run events.

    The giant VW meeting in Scandinavia, now arranged for the 37th year! All years and types of VW's are welcome, aircooled as well as the latest models of watercooled Volkswagens.
    Meeting, vintage parts market, drag racing, circuit racing, show, cruising, music, party and camping - all inside Mantorp Park Raceway. And you can race with your own car at all the tracks at Mantorp!

    Bug Run official video 2015: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3tTXv1DgUk

    Bug Run 2015 teaser: youtu.be/SEYmiFEVhHc

    Bug Run official video short 2014: youtu.be/VgiEJIB6KMI

    Bug Run official video long 2014: youtu.be/GmKO8TpuwVs

    Bug Run official video 30th anniversary 2013: youtu.be/-EHdEJr3Zt8

    Event information

    37. Big Bug Run Fun 2020
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water cooled: Air & water cooled
    From: 05.06.2020 To: 07.06.2020
    City: Mantorp Park Raceway, Sweden
    Admission: SEK


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    Contact: Lena Grape
    Street, no: Valhallagatan 27
    City: Linköping, Sweden
    Contact Lena Grape

    published by: Lena Grape Lilliehorn


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