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Free advertising platform with your own layout

If you go for bUGbUs SKINNING, the visitors of your website will perceive the SKINNER advertising platform as the classifieds market of your club. They will therefore always use your website as the starting point to log onto the platform. A well-structured advertising market that is easy to navigate and has an audience in all of Europe offers high added value to clubs and forums and increases the visitor potential enormously. The larger the community of clubs and forums who use the bUGbUs.nEt database with the SKINNING feature, the more interesting the club sites will be for both the clubs and for all private users. This added value comes with zero risk, i.e. bUGbUs SKINNING is 100% free, there is only a small implementing effort for the club/forum and there are no hosting fees. bUGbUs.nEt provides you with a link that you can easily implement into your website.

bUGbUs.nEt remains anonymous provider

bUGbUs.nEt will know who registered and from which SKINNER site they registered. This enables us to welcome the users with the personal SKINNER login (club name); however, the user of the marketspace will not learn anything about bUGbUs.nEt, but only about your club or forum site. This guarantees user traffic, because the marketspace user will always enter the market from the club site and not from bUGbUs.nEt.

There are nine bUGbUs SKINNER clients so far. Below you find a number of sites that have successfully joined our project.

www.vwbulli.ch (Swiss site)
www.carrosserie-hoch.ch (Swiss site)
www.luftkraft.ch (Swiss site)

IMPORTANT: when you visit different SKINNING sites in a row, there can be problems with the layout. The reason is your browser cache, because the CSS file that is responsible for the layout is still saved in the cache and not enabled for the new layout. You can solve this problem by emptying the cache before visiting a new SKINNER market or by re-starting your browser.

For further information, please contact me:

Phone: +41 76 37 901 37
E-mail: administrator@bUGbUs.net


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