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  • Vends - VW Bus T2b 1980 - Built in Mexico - 8 seater, EUR 15000

    The body is in great shape, nothing serious to talk aboutVends - VW Bus T2b 1980 - Built in Mexico - 8 seater, EUR 15000Check out the tyre size, it's a bit smaller than usualStandard 1600 cc engine, single Bocar carbOriginal front benchExcellent interior

    Hello everybody,
    I am selling what was my dad's bus in Mexico. It's a 1980 T2b bus, just like you know them. This one seated 9 from factory, but it lost the mid and rear benches some time ago, unfortunately. It sits 3 on front, the spare wheel is underneath the bench. I have a rock/roll bed, but haven't had the time or the energy to install it. Most of the windows are equipped with deflectors.
    The paint is, I believe, the original one, except for the front nose, which had a refreshing under my dad's watch. The interior paneling and ceiling cover is in excellent shape.
    Regarding the paperwork it's registered as a "collection" vehicle here in France, and as a 8 seater. I still have the original, 1980 Mexican invoice.
    I've had the bus here for a couple of years. It helps me moving stuff. It runs, shifts, brakes, and steers very well. Most recently did an oil change and a carb adjustment. Some parts are new, like the tires, exhaust and the battery. There's nothing left to do really, just enjoy it and make it yours.

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    Vends: VW Bus T2b 1980 - Built i...
    Prix: EUR 15000
    Année: 1980

    Déposée le: 10.10.2019
    Mise à jour le: 10.10.2019
    Annonce sélectionnée: 421

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    Nom: Paul Reynaud
    Localité: Grenoble, France
    Membre depuis: 10.10.2019

    Langues: French | English, Spanish
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