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  • Vends - VW Bus T2b 1975 - Riviera - 1915 cc engine, EUR 26300

    Great paintVends - VW Bus T2b 1975 - Riviera - 1915 cc engine, EUR 26300Super engine, originally a 1800 cc, now a 1915 cc, dual carbsVends - VW Bus T2b 1975 - Riviera - 1915 cc engine, EUR 26300

    Hello everybody,
    I'm also selling my very much loved Riviera camper van. Yes, it's probably time to get a house credit, and I can't do that while keeping all my vehicles unfortunately...
    This is a sweet Riviera van, the American interpretation of the Westfalia dream. It sits 5 (all with safety belts), and 4 can sleep (2 in the rock/roll bed in the bottom, and 2 on top). It has all of the original equipment: 12V fridge, twin burners, water sink, wardrobes, tables, etc. One piece of furniture has been rebuilt using the most similar pieces available. The rest are factory original and in great shape. You'll love the carpet.
    Everything works on this one. It has been driven all around France. Last year I had to rebuild the engine, and I decided to upgrade it to 1915 cc, with a better crankshaft and other nice perf parts. The work was done by Sly Motors in Avignon, a true pro. It runs fantastically.
    The body is in great shape. There's absolutely no corrosion.
    Every now and then I do some weddings with it so I created a Facebook page. You can see many detailed pictures of the interior here:


    If you want to start the bus adventure, this is a great way to go!

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    Vends: VW Bus T2b 1975 - Riviera...
    Prix: EUR 26300
    Année: 1975

    Déposée le: 10.10.2019
    Mise à jour le: 10.10.2019
    Annonce sélectionnée: 396

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    Nom: Paul Reynaud
    Localité: Grenoble, France
    Membre depuis: 10.10.2019

    Langues: French | English, Spanish
    Paypal: non