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  • Club: Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta

    More than thirty years ago, five students were walking around the streets of Yogyakarta. Glancing around, the one thing they all had in common was their love for their cars. Not just any car, but the Volkswagen air-cooled, the ever popular car amongst students in the 1980's. The beautiful lines of the car and it's affordable price made it popular everywhere.

    From the love of their rides, the desire to expand friendships with other VW enthusiasts in the city, they came together to form a club which would be named as, Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta (VCY).

    Formed on the 16th April 1984, the club members find nothing more desirable then to gather, hang around, talk about family, business and of course the passion for the rides that brought them all together. The bond they share when a fellow member needs parts, accessories, to help a fellow VW owner when he has vehicle troubles. Or gatherings to drive around in large numbers to tourist destinations in Yogyakarta or other beautiful cities.

    From a mere five members in 1984, the numbers have surged to two hundred and twenty-seven members. This does not reflect the number of air-cooled vehicles as some members own more then one vehicle.

    As the the club grew bigger, the club took on a bigger role, not just for members to hang around for fellowship, and drive around, the VCY has also become an avenue for members to channel their creativity towards their beloved VW vehicles. With this bigger role, the VCY evolved from a small club only for fellow like-minded VW enthusiasts in Yogyakarta, but is also one of the mainstays for VW Indonesia, raising the profile of the national level club on to the international scene.

    VCY has long recognised that there will be times whereby there will be a regeneration of members. To ensure that all members are never left out, for the new and old, the club reinforces the understanding and values that were instilled by the club was started all those years ago. To respect the different opinions of others, to be optimistic, and never easily satisfied. With this understanding of the club's values, the club flag and rides are VCY's pride and dignity. VCY continues to bring the initial spirit of togetherness for fellow VW owners now, not just in Yogyakarta or Indonesia, but to the world!

    Viva La VCY!!

    Link information

    Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta (VCY)

    Name: Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta
    Founded: 16.04.1984

    Plaats/Land: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Taal: English


    • Type 1 - Kever <1958
    • Type 1 - «kever» 1958-68
    • Type 1 - «kever» >1968
    • Type 14 - «Karmann Ghia»
    • Type 181 - «Kübelwagen»
    • Type 2 T1 - «Split» 1949-68
    • Type 2 T2 - «Bay Window» 1968-80
    • Type2 T25/T3 – «air cooled» 1979 – 82
    • Type 2 T3 - «Watergekoeld» >1981
    • Type 3 - «Fast-, Notch-, Squareback»
    • Type 4 - «411, 412»
    • Golf 1
    • Porsche - «356, 911, 912, 914»

    Number of members: 227
    Active membership fee: EUR 2.00
    Passive membership fee: EUR 2.00

    Contact information

    Naam: Ade Firmansyah
    Straat, Nr.: Jl. Dongkelan No. 300, Kelurahan Panggungharjo, Kec Sewon, Kab B
    Postcode, Plaats: 55188 Yogyakarta
    Telefoon: +62 817 622 755

    Moedertaal: English
    verdere talen: Italian

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    Naam: Indra Hernandi
    Plaats: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Member since: 16.11.2013

    Taal: English | it