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  • Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500

    Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500Prodajа - Vw doka crewcab syncro 16 , GBP 15500

    For sale

    Vw t3 doka 16” syncro in medium Blau. An opportunity to own a rare Vw doka.
    Only a couple of hundred were ever made in 16” format. These are rugged tough go any where vehicles.

    The doka was originally sold to Finland and it lived there almost all of its life before it was bought to the uk 11 years ago. Since then it’s been looked after as a classic rather then a working vehicle.
    It’s wearing all of its original lh5g paint so there is no nasty surprises from a repaint over the years. Also the underneath is honest with no underseal or nasty stone chip hiding any issues everything is clean and rust free. The body work needs nothing it obviously has a few dents or marks it’s over 30 years old but I would rather an honest original paint bus then a freshly painted bus any-day!. The load bed comes with the original Vw chequer plate in the back and the original rear bulk head. All locks work off one key. I had the van MOt’d in November last year with no advisories, there is no reason why it wouldn’t pass this year to.

    All the of the mechanicals of the van are great. The brakes at the rear have recently had new drums, the shoes (I have spares) have loads of life left in them. The front has benefited from new pads and discs which were only fitted 50miles ago. The gearbox oil and front diff oil were changed around 100miles ago and a new holeman engineering vc installed two years ago. The engine is currently an Ahu 1.9mtdi engine with a gtd turbo and intercooler and LR injection pump, which works really well and has loads of torque and power. The doka has recently had a new flywheel and clutch plate fitted 50miles ago and also new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder at the same time. Also the brake/clutch fluid was changed at this point to. Glow plugs and injectors have been renewed at the same time.

    The interior is in great condition, with a 3 up front and 3 at the back arrangement (all with 3 point seat belts), all seats are in good condition, it has an untouched/modified dash and comes with the original radio in place although it Dosent seem to work currently but I haven’t tried to troubleshoot it either, the doka benefits from a cat1 alarm and immobiliser and has central locking on all doors. This is a great edition and can help with insurance etc.

    It comes also with a westfalia towbar with full electrics heated seats (not currently connected) Great quality mudflaps front and rear, all syncro crash bars are in place from front to rear. X5 16” original steel
    Wheels with nearly new all terrain tyres. It comes with a nice set of truck mirrors and a load bed cover which is very helpful.

    An issue that I’ve noticed seem to be standard t3 issues but nothing major. The blower for the heater doesn’t work. But it’s never really bothered me.

    The build sticker is still in place in the cab but I also have the original birth certificate from Vw to just to back up the originality of the fact it’s a 16” version.

    I’m not looking for a px or trade, I’m just looking for a straight sale, I can assist with shipping anywhere in the world. Or collection and viewing welcome in redditch uk.

    Thank you.

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    Prodajem: Vw doka crewcab syncro 16...
    Cena: GBP 15500
    Godina: 1990

    Oglas postavljen: 21.06.2020
    Oglas ažuriran: 21.06.2020
    Oglas pogledan: 15513

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