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  • Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000

    VW ovaal kever ‘56Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000Prodajа - Vw ovaal kever ‘56, EUR 13000

    Prachtige patina kever die enkele maanden geleden gekeurd is geweest voor de Belgische keuring.
    Is volledig in orde.
    Amerikaanse import

    He just past the Belgian inspection in April and is cleared for 5 years.

    I took the car to a classic garage who completely prepared it for the inspection.
    They welded it on 3 places, battery floor, door jamb and floor panel.

    They also checked the engine and did the electrical (everything that was needed has been done).

    This summer i drove the bug standard but my intentions where to lowered him in the winter.
    Sadly there is something else and that’s why I have the bug for sale.

    I drive the bug on dry days, there is a play on the steering wheel to the right (I just bough another wheelhouse).

    I also have a new set of lowered spindels.

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    Prodajem: Vw ovaal kever ‘56
    Cena: EUR 13000
    Godina: 1956

    Oglas postavljen: 13.10.2023
    Oglas ažuriran: 13.11.2023
    Oglas pogledan: 3045

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    Ime: Dav Maj
    Mesto: Limburg , Belgium
    Member since: 03.05.2022

    Jezik: Flemish | English
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