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  • Verkaufe - Volkswagen T2a 1971 (former USA), EUR 15500

    Verkaufe - Volkswagen T2a 1971 (former USA), EUR 15500Verkaufe - Volkswagen T2a 1971 (former USA), EUR 15500Verkaufe - Volkswagen T2a 1971 (former USA), EUR 15500

    This Early Bay was imported to Holland from the US almost 10 years ago. Which is clearly visible from the bang hard underside. The bottom of the cab has been professionally welded. (pictures are available)
    In recent years the bus has had a tough life. But is the perfect basis for a driving and restoration project. She has a Dutch license plate. And the engine runs well. She has always been maintained by a specialist.
    The interior consists of two front seats with a walk-through. Three seater back seat. And two-seater middle bench. The benches are easy to remove leaving you with a blank slate for the ultimate vintage camper.

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    Verkaufe: Volkswagen T2a 1971 (form...
    Preis: EUR 15500
    Jahr: 1971

    Platziert am: 07.05.2024
    Aktualisiert am: 07.05.2024
    Anzeige angewählt: 1692

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    Name: Rico Hag
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