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Advertising on bUGbUs.nEt

Advertising on bUGbUs.nEt

bUGbUs.nEt is the first free Europe-wide online classifieds market for air-cooled Volkswagen. Present your company, products or services where everyday thousands of air-cooled Volkswagen fans romp.

What makes buGbUs.nEt different?

From the very start, bUGbUs.nEt was directed at Europe and has therefore been translated into 26 languages to date. bUGbUs.nEt went online in the summer of 2005. Since then bUGbUs.nEt has annually increased it's scale of advertising. bUGbUs.nEt is now involved in sponsorship and advertising, is present at numerous meetings and partsmarkets, supports organizers of meetings with merchandising articles and sends bUGbUs.nEt fans all over Europe free postcards and stickers to help spread its name. bUGbUs.nEt has also been involved in social media and operates a successful Facebook fan page as well as twitter, tumblr, wordpress, flickr and youtube accounts.

Who knows about bUGbUs.nEt?

All our publicity efforts are reflected in the number of visitors to bUGbUs.nEt. Every month bUGbUs.nEt gets over 35’000 "Unique Visitors" who view around 300'000 Pages (Google Analytics).

Why advertise on bUGbUs.nEt?

If you want to advertise a product or service in relation to air-cooled VeeDubs or want to make your company known in the air-cooled Volkswagen scene, then we are 100 percent sure that bUGbUs.nEt is for you.

WHow can you advertise on bUGbUs.nEt?

bUGbUs.nEt offers 6 different banner sizes (Leaderboard [1], Skyscraper [2], Rectangle [3], Feautured Box [5], Inbetween and Below the Ad) and a variety of placing possibilities. It is also possible to place your banner on our Facebook fan site or tumblr. If you have other promotional ideas, bUGbUs.nEt is always

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For unanswered questions and reservations:

bUGbUs.nEt is always happy to answer any quetions you might have. You can contact bUGbUs.nEt by phone on:

+41 44 258 96 96 or email: administrator@bUGbUs.nEt

There are 6 different kind of banner formats: Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle, Feautured Box, Inbetween, Below. Each banner format has its own unique size. The main advantage of this is that bannerblindness can be avoided and designed banners fit perfectly into our layout. As a result, existing banners have to be adjustet, but will be overtaken by us. Following, the most popular banner spaces are listed below:

Leaderboard landingpage, directly beneath Header: 90 Euros/Monat

Skyscraper landingpage, on the right side: 90 Euros/Monat

Rectangle landingpage, top left beneath Header:  50 Euros/Monat

Good to know that those are already the most expensive advertising spaces. But this is only the landingpage. The more you are pushing forward into thehomepage, the cheaper the prices get. Thereby a banner space is already available from 30 Euros/month.

As a visual example, on the landing page there are 5 diferrent spaces available:

additional information

From time to time, bUGbUs.nEt offers his clientele discounts or extras. This happens mostly in a personal conversation. The best thing for you would therefore be to call us and simply ask for it.

After a possible booking, a payment can be made by paypal or transaction. The mediafacts with all the details, prices and additional infos is available here:

bookings: +41 258 96 96 or administrator@bugbus.net


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