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  • Website: Blackpool Breeze

    Run by volunteers, Blackpool Breeze is a small family friendly event for VW enthusiasts, with a wide range of activities, entertaining everyone from the young to the old.

    Featuring camping, a seaside cruise, live entertainment, a raffle, fancy dress, kids' club, trade stands, an on-site bar, venue and much more, this is a great fun packed weekend for VW enthusiasts and the whole family.

    Take a look at our What's On page for details.

    In addition to having lots of fun, we also raise money for charity. Once all operating costs are deducted, all remaining monies will go to our Nominated Charity.

    Link information


    Name: Blackpool Breeze

    Country: United Kingdom
    Languages: English


    • Type1 – «Bug» <1958
    • Type1 – «Bug» 1958-67
    • Type1 – «Bug» >1967
    • Type14 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Type147 – «Fridolin»
    • Type181 – «Thing»
    • Type2 T1 – «Split» 1949 – 67
    • Type2 T2 – «Bay Window» 1968 – 79
    • Type2 T25/T3 – «air cooled» 1979 – 82
    • Type2 T25/T3 – «water cooled» >1982
    • Type3 – «Fast-, Notch-, Squareback»
    • Type34 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Type4 – «411, 412»
    • MK1, 2 and 3

    Contact information

    Name: Sharon Leadbetter
    Street, no: 10 windmill close
    ZIP code, City: Fy30eb Blackpool

    First language: English
    Additional languages: English

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    Name: Sharon Leadbetter
    City: Blackpool, United Kingdom
    Member since: 08.06.2016

    Languages: English | al


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