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  • Facebook Group: BalkanAircooledGarage

    ...we are B.A.G. Balkan Aircooled Garage. We live in the north of the area of Serbia, in Vojvodina/Horgos and we will restore our vehicles we have in the next months. Come to our site and see the work we do! Further on our fb page you will see pics and events from the VW scene on the EX-YU area. have fun!!
    greetings to you all,

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    Name: BalkanAircooledGarage

    Country: Serbia/Montenegro
    Languages: English


    • Type2 T1 – «Split» 1949 – 67

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    Name: A. Ábrahám
    Street, no: Szent Száva 8
    ZIP code, City: 24410 Horgos/Serbia

    First language: German
    Additional languages: English, German, Hungarian, Serbian

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    Name: A. Abraham
    City: Horgos, Serbia/Montenegro
    Member since: 16.09.2014

    Languages: German | en, de, hu, sr


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