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  • Website: Aircooledshirt for petrolheads

    cool shirts for petrolheads with a flat in the neck and enough petrol in the blood . .
    (o\ ! /o)

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    Name: Aircooledshirt for petrolheads

    Country: USA
    Languages: English


    • Type1 – «Bug» <1958
    • Type14 – «Karmann Ghia»
    • Type2 T1 – «Split» 1949 – 67
    • Porsche – «356, 911, 912, 914»

    Contact information

    Name: D@ni Ovali
    Street, no: Postfach
    ZIP code, City: 5242 Birr

    First language: German
    Additional languages: English

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    Name: D@ni Ovali
    City: Brugg, Switzerland
    Member since: 17.04.2012

    Languages: German |


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