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  • 11. - 13.09.2020: Beautiful Budel (Meeting)

    Beautiful Budel is a great event for families and party goers. Come and join in with the fun!
    Party camping.

    Family/quiet camping.

    Live bands/DJs in the party tent Friday and Saturday night.

    Live bands on the outdoor stage in the day.

    Disco for the children.

    Kids lantern parade.

    Children activities all weekend.

    Photo shoot in the Budel Box.

    Budel Bug Photo Booth: photos of you and your VW from above.

    Take photos of your VW under the Keverspin (Beetle Spider).

    Sparkling Challenge: cover your VW in lights for the night cruise around the campsite.

    VW cruise around Budel.

    Budel BBQ.

    Off-road track, have a ride in one of the buggies!

    Sit around the campfire with live music.

    Plenty of food caterers to choose from.

    Cosy seating area by the food vans.

    Large parts market.

    Cars for sale area.

    VW aircooled day visitors park in the show area.

    Show and shine.

    Event information

    Beautiful Budel
    Event type: Meeting
    Air / water cooled: Air cooled only
    From: 11.09.2020 To: 13.09.2020
    City: Budel, Netherlands
    Admission: EUR 35


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    Stichting Beautiful Budel

    Contact: Beautiful Budel
    Street, no: Geuzendijk
    City: Budel, Netherlands
    Phone: +31878704521
    Contact Beautiful Budel

    published by: Andrew Stevenson


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